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Panama’s Independence Day

Yesterday, Panama celebrated their 190th Independence Celebration from Colombia. I was, unfortunately, locked up in my art studio working feverishly for a show Thursday night. Yet I could hear the traffic, the drums of the marching bands and the horns … Continue reading

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Holiday Bazaar And Bizarre Creatures In My House

HOLIDAY BAZAAR I had a great time meeting some of my readers last Friday at the Holiday Bazaar in downtown Boquete. It was great seeing a stranger approach my booth and, with extended hand, say “I wanted to come over … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Eve

‘Twas the night ‘fore Thanksgiving and all through the……oh, never mind. It is Thanksgiving Eve and rather than being at home cooking my assigned items for tomorrow’s get together, I’m at my art studio working feverishly. “Why?”, you may ask. … Continue reading

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Let’s All Be Thankful

Now that the parades, parties and celebrating by the Panamanians has taken a hiatus until November 28th, it’s time for our quaint little American holiday, Thanksgiving, to insert itself into our lives down here. The ex-pat population definitely makes a … Continue reading

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The End of All This Dentistry and On To The Holidays!

Due to extensive traveling in the States, some volunteer deadlines and some personal down time, this blog and my art blog have suffered. I just didn’t find it in me to finish off the Dentistry episodes. But, folks, here it … Continue reading

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