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Casa de Montaña

Boquete is not immune from the viruses and flu bugs running around the world and I am not immune to them, either. For the past week many of us, including myself, have been stricken with a deep, painful chest cold. … Continue reading

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3rd Leg of Our Trip: El Valle

I’m going to finish off our trip we took last year when we visited Las Lajas, Coronado and El Valle. John and I have travelled quite a bit since then, but not in Panama. Since this blog is about Panama, … Continue reading

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De-Dimpling And Bus Rides

I’m going to do something I’ve never done on this blog before: I’m writing TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I know, I know, shocking. Deal with it. Our car has been in the repair shop since Sunday. This is Thursday. … Continue reading

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Next Stop: Coronado

After we left Las Lajas, we drove through some beautiful country heading east to the busy beach town of Coronado. Many expats have — “wait!”, you say? “What the heck is going on – you haven’t posted in over a … Continue reading

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The Ice Machine and Snooty and Envy!

Dinner at a friend’s gorgeously appointed home last night got me to thinking of  the differences in the way my friend lives vs. the way John and I live. When John and I decided to move to Boquete, we had … Continue reading

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Lucero is Cielo Paraiso’s New Paradise!

Last year, I think it was early July, I played Cielo Paraiso (since renamed “Lucero”). I wrote about it, and none too affectionately. I won’t repeat what I wrote, as you can click on the above link and read it … Continue reading

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Jubilado Cards

John and I just completed one of the primary tasks of those who wish to live here and enjoy the financial discounts offered by Panama to retirees: the Jubilado Card. I may be naming this card wrong; I may not … Continue reading

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